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Beth Scudder, Pysanky Geek

I learned pysanky from my mother, who learned from someone else. Ain't that the way?

I make pysanky, much of which contains or is inspired by geeky elements. I have sold in person at CONvergence and am also working on selling online. You can also ask me about re-creating a sold egg (although no two are the same), or commissioning a design. They're great for big events like births, weddings, etc!

Pysanky history and cultural background

Pysanky has been around for thousands of years. It's a traditional Ukrainian art form. It has variations in Russian and Czech culture, too, and possibly other places I don't know about.

I can't make any special claim to pysanky - I learned it from my mother, but my family is not Ukrainian. I just really appreciate this beautiful art form.

The process: How to make pysanky

This process is much more completely described on the LearnPysanky website.

  1. Sketch on egg

  2. Apply wax to white portions
  3. Dye in first color
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for remaining colors
  5. Dye in final color
  6. Remove wax
  7. Varnish/finish

Pysanky resources

About Me, The Pysanky Geek


I've been doing pysanky for over 20 years.

Also geeky about other things.

I like pysanky and also other art forms but I do not do this for a living.