The Mandalorian

SOLD. Would you like to order a version of this egg?

Blown duck egg hand dyed with wax resist and traditional pysanky dyes. Finished with clear varnish. Do not store in direct sunlight.
Based on The Mandalorian, one face of the egg shows the Mandalorian’s famous helmet superimposed on a silhouette of a Shriek Hawk diving to catch its prey; the other face of the egg shows the Mythosaur skull that became the symbol of the Mandalorian people. A band around the middle of the egg says “This is the way” in English and in Mando’a.
The Mandalorian and its characters are copyright Lucasfilm.
Duck eggs are sourced from the local spoiled and geeky ducks at Blue Sage Bees.

Mandalorian helmet


Mandalorian skull

Mythosaur skull

Mandalorian side

This is the Way (Mando'a)

My first time writing in Mando'a!

Mandalorian side English

This is the Way (English)

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